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Elephant Earth Tattoo!

Founders of Elephant Earth Initiative:

Dr. Dag Goering, M.R.C.V.S., a veterinarian and photographer, and his wife, the author Maria Coffey, who also established the adventure travel company Hidden Places.

In May 2007 Dag traveled to India to spend a month in Rajastan studying camel medicine. By coincidence he was in Jaipur when a captive elephant gave birth — the first time this had happened in the city for a hundred years. Through veterinary contacts Dag was invited to help examine the mother elephant and her eleven-hour-old baby. It was a life-changing experience: he returned to Canada with a new-found direction, determined to channel his passions and skills towards helping elephants. Later that year he returned to India with his wife, the award-winning author Maria Coffey, to begin research which led to the creation of Elephant Earth Initiative.

Over the last 20 years, Dag and Maria have traveled the globe together and made a name for themselves as adventurers and internationally published authors and photographers. Dag has published over 500 images in many books, magazines and newspapers. Maria has written 12 books, two of which she co-authored with Dag, and has won several prestigious literary prizes. Her most recent book, Explorers of the Infinite (Tarcher Penguin, New York, 2008), attracted the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who interviewed Maria for the Soul Series webcast.

In 2000 Dag and Maria founded Hidden Places, a boutique travel company. They personally lead small group tours to some of the world's most inspiring places. See more at:

In conjunction with Hidden Places, Elephant Earth Initiative operates fund-raising trips focusing on issues around elephants. For more information, visit the Elephant Trips page.