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$ 70,000 raised with our 100 Miles for Elephants Treks.  Team members of o… Read More!

Elephant Earth Tattoo!
walking safari tour

For a real life-changing adventure join our Elephant Earth Fundraising Expeditions and help make a difference.

These expeditions are run by Hidden Places Travel and led by Dr. Dag Goering (MRCVS) and Maria Coffey, founders of Elephant Earth Initiative. They take you deep into the world of elephants and raise funds for grass-roots projects focusing on conservation and elephant welfare.

Our previous trips in Thailand and Laos explored the issues surrounding wild elephant habitat and captive elephant welfare. Funds raised supported the Elephant Conservation Network in Thailand and WCS in Laos.

100 Miles for Elephants Fundraising Trek
Check out this amazing fundraising adventure in Kenya in February 2016 and February 2017. We walk with Samburu tribesmen and their camels across the wild Leroghi Plateau to the Kirisia Hills where we are supporting a community anti-poaching program. Click here for more information.

walking safari tour