FAQs: Myanmar

What we will be discovering in Burma?

A country that is in the most exciting time of its history, as it emerges from decades of dictatorship and isolation into a new dawn of democracy. As well as visiting its iconic sites, including Inle Lake and Bagan, we will be heading to some much lesser known places, and meeting local people who can share their recent experiences. Highlights include a balloon ride over Bagan and helping to bathe an elephant in the Northern Highlands!

Where does the trip start and end?

Yangon, the capital of Burma.

How do I get to and from Yangon

There are nonstop flights from Bangkok, Thailand to Yangon, with Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways and Myanmar Airways.

What are the physical activities on the trip and what level of fitness do I need?

We have two levels of activity. For the Classic, a reasonable level of fitness is required, as we will be doing some gentle hiking and biking. For the Active, a good level of fitness is required, along with mountain bike experience, as we will have some excursions of several hours over rough terrain.

What is Burmese food like?

SE Asia style, with an Indian influence. In most of our accommodations you will have the option of Western dishes as well as typical Burmese fare. We will encourage you to join us for tea at a local Tea Shop and for appies prepared freshly on a barbeque at a local Beer Station. For sure you will enjoy some of the finest Indian cuisine you'll ever taste in one of our favourite restaurants in Burma!

I'm a vegetarian, is that a problem?

Not at all, but please let us know in advance, and advise us on what you can't eat.

Do I need any special insurance?

Medical insurance, including emergency evacuation, is mandatory on all our trips. We also strongly advise you to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

Do I need vaccinations?

Your routine vaccinations (tetanus/diphtheria, polio, etc.) must be up to date. Another general precaution for travelers anywhere in the world is a hepatitis A and possibly a typhoid vaccination. If you are travelling from a country with a risk of yellow fever virus transmission, you will need to provide proof of yellow fever vaccination. For those countries, see: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/yellowbook/2012/chapter-3-infectious-diseases-related-to-travel/yellow-fever.htm#1948

What about malarial medication?

In rural areas of Burma there is the risk of malaria, so it is advisable to take malarial medication. We advise you to use Docxycline, however you should consult your local travel clinic or physician. As there is also the presence of dengue fever (transmitted by mosquitoes) in Burma, it is advisable to also opt for transmission protection (long sleeves/trousers, and regular applications of DEET insect repellent). Sensible precautions should ensure you do not get bitten.

What does the trip price cover?

Airport transfers on the first and last days of the trip, all cultural tour guiding and entrance fees, all accommodation and meals.

What does the trip price not cover?

International and domestic flights, airport transfers not on the first or last days of the trip, alcoholic drinks, personal insurance and gratuities. The Active Level Itinerary has an extra charge, and Ballooning over Bagan is also an optional extra.

How can I access cash when I'm on the trip?

There are few ATMs in Burma and to date they are only accepting Master Cards. The best place to change money is at the airport on arrival. You will need to bring US $ to change, and it is VITAL that these are brand new notes, with no creases, stains or marks.

What clothes and equipment will I need?

When you sign up for the trip, we will provide you with a comprehensive clothes and equipment list.

I'm travelling alone, is that a problem?

Absolutely not. We have many guests who travel with us on their own. They appreciate the camaraderie of our Hidden Places groups, and usually go home with new-found friends.

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