Itinerary : The Crown Jewels of Indochina

We think of our itineraries as melodies: they have a beginning and an end, a certain arc, dramatic highlights and a few surprises. We like to improvise, to adapt to the mood of our guests or to circumstances that arise — an invitation to a traditional wedding, say, or a local ethnic festival…

Crafting beautiful, harmonious trips with delightful twists is our trade mark and passion.

An odyssey to the highlights of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Experience the best of Indochina with this luxury exploration of three unsurpassable UNESCO World Heritage sites: ethereal Halong Bay, evocative Luang Prabang and mystical Angkor Wat. An ever-unfolding wonder, this journey is steeped in history, culture, stunning landscapes, fine class cuisine and more than a few delightful surprises! From our hotels, chosen for their comfort, ambience and location, to our hand-picked local guides who enthrall you with their stories and knowledge, we personally attend to every detail, setting the stage for Indochina to capture your heart.

Day 1 — Hanoi
Arrive in the bustling heart of Hanoi – the Old Quarter – and our stylish boutique hotel. In the evening, a welcome dinner in one of the city’s best restaurants awaits you.
Day 2 — Hanoi
Visit the city’s famous sites, including Ho Chi Min's Mausoleum and the Confucian Temple of Literature, take in a Water Puppet Show and experience a truly unique local restaurant.
Day 3 — Halong Bay
Embark our luxurious mothership, cruise through jade-coloured waters past fantastically shaped islets to the far reaches of Halong Bay. Swim, kayak, toast the sunset with fine wine and feast on a sumptuous dinner of fresh seafood.
Day 4 — Halong Bay
Paddle far into sea caves with the sound of water gurgling and booming in their dark depths. Relax on a white sand beach below a towering cliff and explore colourful Ba Men Temple tucked into the greenery close by.
Day 5 — Halong Bay/Hanoi
Drift through a magical misty dawn back towards port. On your return to Hanoi, head for a tiny traditional restaurant where locals have been enjoying the same house-special for over a hundred years.
Day 6 — Luang Prabang
Take in the atmosphere of this historic city as we sip an afternoon espresso and savour a delicate pastry at our favourite French colonial café.
Day 7 — Luang Prabang
Rise early to see lines of saffron clad, barefoot monks streaming out of ancient temples of the the royal quarter. After breakfast jump aboard a traditional, long riverboat heading up the mighty, swirling Mekong River to Pak Ou cave, and light joss sticks to appease the river gods.
Day 8 — Luang Prabang
Walk with an elephant through bamboo forests to a beautiful waterfall for lunch.
Day 9 — Siem Reap
Put your feet up or indulge in the spa at Siem Reap’s exquisite Hotel La Residence. The afternoon visit to the Angkor treasures in the National Museum sets the scene for our adventures ahead.
Day 10 — Siem Reap
Start your exploration of the ancient Khmer temples at first light to watch the sun creep up above the spires of Angkor Wat and reflect off the lotus lake. Follow our top local guide as he coordinates our visits of Angkor’s highlights to make sure we miss the crowds.
Day 11 — Siem Reap
Hike through fragrant, tropical jungle to the banks of Kbal Spean where clear, cool water rushes over sacred sculptures carved into the riverbed. Explore Banthey Sre Temple when the afternoon light brings out the details on its fine stone carvings.
Day 12 — Siem Reap
Run your hands over huge tree roots that engulf Bayon temple and contemplate the passage of time and civilizations. Take in the sunset from the top of a remote and hardly visited temple.
Day 13 — Siem Reap
Say farewell to your fellow travelers and embark on your flight home or onward journey.

Please note: this itinerary serves as an example of trip highlights and is subject to change.

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