Itinerary: Kayak Turkey

We think of our itineraries as melodies: they have a beginning and an end, a certain arc, dramatic highlights and a few surprises. We like to improvise, to adapt to the mood of our guests or to circumstances that arise — an invitation to a traditional wedding, say, or a local ethnic festival…

Crafting beautiful, harmonious trips with delightful twists is our trade mark and passion.

A classic cruise and kayak adventure.

Kayak Turkey is a stylish journey that takes you along wild, remote sections of the Turquoise Coast, and deep into the history of the ancient Lycians, Greeks and Romans. You wander through the ruins of a city dating back to the 10th Century BC, explore an eerie village abandoned in recent times, paddle to an island where Santa Claus lies at rest and go on a culinary adventure that brings daily food buzzes! Tie all this and more together with daily paddling excursions, swimming and SUP sessions, and time to relax aboard our floating home, a luxurious classic wooden gulet, and it's a trip you'll want to do all over again!

Day 1
Settle into our 4 star hotel and enjoy a welcome dinner al fresco at a local restaurant.
Day 2
Explore the ruins of the village Kayakoy where Louis de Bernieres set his best-selling novel, Birds Without Wings. In the afternoon we board our elegant mothership which will be our home for the next 9 nights.
Day 3
Weather permitting we paddle around the dramatic Devil’s Cape. After lunch you kayak a short distance to Gemiler Island, and pay your respects to St Nicholas (the real Santa Claus), patron saint of sailors and travellers, at his tomb in the ruins of an early Christian church. Hike up to the summit of the island for some stunning views.
Day 4
Paddle past towering limestone formations (with some caves to discover en route), past ancient ruins crumbling into the sea and by a spectacular waterfall as we head towards Butterfly Valley.
Day 5
Savor the solitude along this wild section of the Turquoise Coast, paddling beneath huge limestone cliffs and past mysterious ruins on shore. In late afternoon, swim and SUP, then feast on delicious Turkish cuisine!
Day 6
Arrive in Kalkan, an elegant harbor where we sip Turkish coffee with locals in a seaside café draped in Bougainvillea and jasmine. Time to explore the small streets and shop for the best Turkish Delight you’ll ever try.
Day 7
Paddle over the ruins of an ancient city that sank in a colossal earthquake. Explore a medieval castle overlooking the harbor and walk among tombs built by Lycians a few centuries BC.
Day 8
Paddle into caves where light streams up through the water to create surreal 'special effects': truly trippy!
Day 9
Relax on board as we slowly sail back toward Gocek. En route, clear customs at the island of Meis and explore this little Greek island.
Day 10
Arrive in Gocek in the early morning. After a delicious final breakfast on deck, we bid farewell to our crew and transfer to the airport for our flight home or carry on with our travels.

Please note: this itinerary serves as an example of trip highlights and is subject to change.

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