Kenya Safari

Signature Trip:
This trip is led personally by Dag Goering and/or Maria Coffey, founders of Hidden Places and Elephant Earth.

On request, November through March, for groups of 6-10

Land Cost:
Starting at US $4950

Single Supplement:
50% of Land Cost

10 nights, 11 days

Kayaking (suitable for beginners) stand up paddle boarding (optional), snorkeling, short hikes, cultural visits

2 nights in hotel, 8 nights catamaran with en suite bathrooms and A/C

Ranong, Thailand

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Funds from this trip go towards medical supplies for preventing malaria in Moken communities and to support grass roots conservation projects.

Kayak Myanmar!

Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago:
A Mothership–Kayak Adventure in the Andaman Sea

There are few places left in the world that can truly be described as untouched by tourism, but the Mergui Archipelago is one of them. Cast like jewels over the Andaman Sea on Myanmar's southern tip, these 800 wild islands are ringed with sparkling white sand beaches and coral reefs, and cloaked in dense jungle where hornbills soar through the trees and monkeys chatter from high branches. And the best thing is: THERE IS NO-ONE ELSE THERE! No tourist bungalows, no high-rise hotels, no beachside tiki–bars. Aboard our mothership, a sleek 60’ catamaran, we travel in glorious isolation, except for encounters with the nomadic Moken, a disappearing tribe of animists who live a very simple life of foraging and fishing.

From our mothership base, we explore this forgotten paradise in kayaks and (as an option) stand up paddleboards. This is a true voyage of discovery: we paddle up mysterious rivers in the shade of massive banyan trees, and take short forays into the jungle in search of the last remaining elephants that, rumor has it, still roam one of the larger islands. And as for the snorkeling that we do every day, here is what adventure journalist Bruce Kirkby wrote about his experiences with a mask and fins in Mergui: “Glittering schools of fish clogged the ocean. We snorkeled above cities of wondrous coral, sponges the size of 50-gallon barrels and forests of elkhorn coral.” And there’s more: with luck we see manta rays, sea turtles and colourful octopus.

On this Myanmar kayaking adventure we have dolphins playing in our wake, watch incredible sunsets, go on moonlight sails and discover spectacular caves. Along the way we pass the small craft of the shy Moken people or “Sea Gypsies” who still live in harmony with their marine environment. We learn about their enduring animistic belief system, and visit one of their mysterious shrines.

After each day of kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkeling, we anchor in a quiet bay or cove, and dine beneath a vast mantle of stars, watching the constellations move across the sky in their full glory.

To explore a part of the world that is still truly ‘off the map’ and to do it in style, is a rare experience. Join us on this fabulous adventure!


Discover Burma:

A multi activity adventure in SE Asia's most intriguing and undiscovered country. Our carefully designed itinerary takes you to Burma's must-see sights, as well as the off–the–beaten track corners we've discovered, immersing you in the culture, history, charm and beauty of this amazing country. And there's a unique twist: on some days you can chose between activity levels – the classic level if you prefer more gentle exercise, and the active level if you relish longer and more challenging excursions by bike or foot. More...

Siem Reap/Angkor Wat:

No journey to SE Asia is complete without a visit to the mystical Angkor temples around Siem Reap, Cambodia. Watch the sun rise over the stunning towers of Angkor Wat; sit in the roots of a giant tree to gaze at the peaceful four side faces of Bayon temple; marvel at the intricate carvings in Banteay Srei and hike through cool forest to the astounding riverbed carvings in Kbal Spean. As our knowledgeable guide brings history alive, you will be spellbound and moved by this incomparable UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Suggested length: 3 to 5 days
Please let us know your preferences and we will put an amazing excursion together for you.

Adventure Travel has been our specialty since 1991 when we started to explore the world's most spectacular places as photographers and writers. Several years (and several books) later we began sharing our experiences with others by developing and leading adventure tours. We founded Hidden Places Travel in 2000 and quickly became renowned for our unique, off-the-beaten-track itineraries. Our support of local communities and conservation projects gives our trips unprecedented access and our loyal following of repeat guests is a testament to our professionalism and nurturing approach.

We invite you to join us on one of our life-changing adventures.

Dag Goering and Maria Coffey