By joining a Hidden Places trip you contribute to protecting elephants and saving their habitat.


We support many conservation and humanitarian organizations, including:

Charles Darwin Foundation:

SOS Children’s Villages

K.I.D.S International Development Society

PEN Canada:

Human Rights Watch:

Amnesty International:

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:

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Saving Places

We believe in the transformative power of travel

It makes us realize that we are a small part of a huge entity; that we are closely linked to cultures, ecosystems and landscapes in faraway places. During our 20 years of exploring, we have seen the planet increasingly face huge challenges, including habitat loss for many magnificent wild animals. While the scale of these problems can seem overwhelming, we believe that every action, however small, makes a difference in helping to preserve our planet and all it sustains.

Our efforts include the following:

Elephant Earth Initiative

Dag Goering, co-founder of Hidden Places, is a veterinarian with a deep concern for elephants. In 2009, he and Maria Coffey launched the Elephant Earth Initiative (EEI) for the protection of elephants and their habitat. EEI supports pragmatic and science-based approaches to elephant conservation and welfare. A portion of Hidden Places proceeds provides the core funding for EEI and projects are financed through sponsorship, donations and fundraising expeditions. We invite you to join these efforts: please check the website

Responsible Tourism

TIESWe are active members of The International Ecotourism Society. Our mission is to travel with awareness of and respect for local environments and cultures, ensuring that our trips are enlightening for our guests and life-enhancing for the communities with whom we engage. Whenever possible we work with family run hotels, restaurants and boat companies, we source food and supplies locally, and foster eco-consciousness among our partners and employees.