"An absolutely amazing adventure in a fantastic country. Our experiences were endless; we saw everything we asked for, as well as things we never imagined. This was all due to Dag and Maria’s knowledge, experience and contacts."
Rhoda S, Calgary, AB, Canada

"A trip of a lifetime, from one magical moment to the next. Etched into my memory and heart are the strength and resilence of the Masai and Samburu people, and their willingness to share this incredible land and its story book animals."  Sheryle R, Hays, Kansas, USA

"I have been on six previous safaris, but never on one like this. Not only was the game viewing superb, but we also met and interacted closely with some totally unique people."
Maria S, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Amazing! Fabulous! Such attention to detail. We were so pampered and the food was spectacular. Your Flying Safari is the only way to travel in Kenya."
Judi M, Courtenay, BC, Canada

"I can’t thank you enough for showing me the most exotic place I’ve ever been. This trip has surpassed everything I could have imagined. "
Savanna C, New York, NY, USA

"This safari has enriched my life. Thank you for making it so wonderful."
Marjorie M, Alabama, USA

"You have outdone yourself – and that is saying a lot! We’ve seen everything from hyena poop to a cheetah kill, a hunting lioness and a super herd of elephants – it has been perfect." Bill W, Charlestown, SC

"The trip of a lifetime! Thank you for incredible experiences with wildlife (elephants outside my bathroom!), the gold standard guide of all time, and you – Maria, you are a true gem." Carolyn W, Charleston, SC

"Thank you for such a wonderful sampling of Kenya. The accommodations were the perfect way to enjoy our stay, the people and staff were so friendly and the service was exceptional." Danielle D, Edmonton, AB