"Many, many thanks for such a beautiful experience. It was truly the adventure of a lifetime and a memory to be cherished."
Nola R, Oakville, ONT, Canada

"Thank you so much for this wonderful trip.. Kenya is beautiful and the Kenyans are so warm and helpful and generous. Who ever wants to go home again?"
Sarah R, Nottingham, UK

"Thank you for an experience we would never have had without you! It was a whirlwind of happy surprises and magical moments. The memories made with our trekking group and Samburu family will be forever imprinted on our hearts."
Bridget and Janeen H, Victoria, BC, Canada

"You can feel the heartbeat of Africa in your footsteps."
Jen D, Victoria BC

"A most wonderful adventure – peaceful, exciting, spiritual, calming, exhilarating! Amazing food, spectacular campsites, incredible views, and the best guides ever. I believe this walk will change everyone at a profound level. 11 stars out of 10." Eric B, Victoria, BC

"This trek was a life changing experience. I enjoyed every moment. The wildlife is breathtaking. Thank you so much! " Claire B, Bouc Bel Air, France

"The trip far exceeded my expectations. The countryside, the villages, our Samburu guides, the exquisite campsites, the camaraderie: A wonderful experience." Marion C, Victoria BC

"I will remember friendly, gracious people, red earth, armed trees and delicate plants and flowers in the light of the equatorial sun. The walking was always interesting and the food and many luxuries of camping were truly amazing." Jenny K, Golden, BC

"A whole new perspective on Africa. Textures, colors, earth under our feet, rolling by. The wisdom and humor of our Samburu guides. An experience of a lifetime – thank you." Karen D, Victoria BC

"We are the most fortunate people in the world to have participated in this trek. It exceeded our expectations, and then some. Many thanks for showing us the remote and beautiful African landscape and introducing us to its extraordinary people." Sheryle M and Peter O, Williamsburg, VA

"Thanks for such a wonderfully organized adventure, it was second to none. This is an experience I will remember and moments I will treasure for the rest of my life." Annette B, Nairobi, Kenya

"Thank you so much for organizing this fantastic trip and for all you’re doing to help elephants. It has truly been life-changing, with memories I’ll keep forever." Kevyn J, Homer, AK

"Thank you so much for the adventure, it has been an awesome experience. You and your team are doing a great job at protecting and supporting elephants." Michelle W, Cheltenham, Australia

"A challenging, rewarding and fun adventure. The care and consideration of our guides and camp staff was awesome. Interacting with local people, walking with a common purpose, and sharing so much laughter as well as tears were the highlights." Dawn H, Victoria, BC

"The support team were wonderful and Gabriel is an excellent guide, teacher and generally wonderful human being. The food surpassed all expectations, the accommodation was comfortable – and I am surprised by my affection for camels!" Jim M , Victoria BC