"It has been a dream come true, the most fantastic trip I’ve ever taken in my life. I came face to face with nature at her best. I thank Hidden Places for this. "Maureen M, Beverley Hills, CA

"The animals were the stars, but close behind was the boat experience, with first class service, amenities and food. I would recommend this trip to everyone - but to do themselves a favor and go the Hidden Places way for a first-class adventure." Chris R, CA

"Fantastic is the word, all around. The itinerary, the guides, the crew, the boat, the people, the islands, the wildlife, the food. Wow, you put together a great trip! Thank you for everything. "
Kaselle and Allan B, Toronto, Ont.

"I had read of the Galapagos and seen the photos, but all pale to the reality which is almost overwhelming. I feel blessed to have met this enchanted place and I loved every minute of the trip. Unforgettable!, " Ward B. Point Richmond, CA

"I’m spoiled forever. To have sea lions swirling playfully around me while snorkeling, to look penguins in the eye, to walk among nesting birds as if I was invisible - where else will these things be possible? " Yvonne T , Austin, TX

"The boat and crew, the hotel and staff - all top of the line. As for the Galapagos, one is left almost without words. A feeling of being at the beginning of time... one of the most incredible experiences of my life! " Cheryl F, San Diego, CA

"These islands are truly evolution’s workshop. Everyone should come and savor the boobies, frigates, sea lions, iguanas and of course the giant tortoises. What a place!" Carolyn M. Charlestown, SC

"Galapagos is one of the last places where magic still happens between all creatures. I will treasure our trip forever."
Chris R, Carlsbad, CA

"Our trip to Quito and the Galapagos Islands far excelled our expectations... Each day was unique and varied. Thank you for your attention to details... You brought together the best resources to make this the trip of a lifetime. " Marcus and Donna M, Mississauga, Ont

"Thank you for such a wonderful exploration of the Galapagos Islands. Your attention to details, top notch boat and crew, superb Quito historian and inspiring naturalist guide made this the trip of a lifetime. " Jim and Marty G.