"You have done it again! A wonderful, fun-filled, awe-inspiring view of an India that few people get to experience." Jane W, Squamish, BC

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"We had a wonderful adventure with Maria and her team. We loved every town, village and hotel – great research work!" Marilyn and Phil W, San Francisco, CA

"A beautiful trip, and a wonderful introduction to India." Wendy A, Vancouver, BC

"The trip far exceeded my expectations!" Gary V, Ewing, NJ

"An amazing adventure, showing us the many faces of Kerala. Each day brought so many new exciting and memorable experiences. We came with very high expectations and all of them were exceeded. Our first, but definitely not our last Hidden Places trip." Hugh S and Shayne T, Whistler BC

"Thank you for sharing the Hidden Places of India with us, for the kayaking on the canals, the birds and butterflies, the spice-laced cuisine, the music, and your patience and encouragement. See you in another hidden place soon!" Margaret S, Washington, DC

"What a wonderful introduction to India, to kayaking, to homestays, and to pleasant companions, all lead by gracious, skillful hosts." Fern S, New York, NY

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"Another amazing adventure! It was so much fun not only to kayak but to get intimate glimpses of local people along the shores of the so picturesque backwater canals of Kerala. The organic farm stay was a truly unique experience." Maria S, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you for such a wonderful experience in beautiful Kerala. The accommodations and hospitality have been exceptional and the entertainments amazing!" Johnny H, Victoria, BC

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"Kerala has been a joy! From gliding through its hidden lagoons and secluded canals of the backwaters, to immersing myself in the incredible cuisine– I have never enjoyed food so much!" Sheryle R, Sedona, AZ

"Brilliant! I’m hooked! Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful place that is Kerala." Daryl H, Newport, KY

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"Kerala and its people are a delight. Our different forms of transport on the trip gave us a unique look into life here. The music and drumming were wonderful. " Peter H, Victoria, BC