"Hidden Places did it again. The trip was phenomenal, showing us the flavor and serenity of the Japanese experience. " Rob C, Alexandria, BA

"What a great country: the cuisine, the people, the beautiful temples and gardens and the amazing transportation network. Thanks so much Maria for putting the trip together and for all the special moments that make Hidden Places a joy to travel with." Dave P, Stratford, ONT

"The trip was a wonderful mix of cuisine, culture and beautiful countryside – and it was something we could never have done on our own! Thank you for another incredible experience, creating so many special memories." Janis MacN, Stratford, ONT

"The Japanese are the sweetest, most gentle people on the planet. My highlight of the trip was the cuisine - I never thought I would eat urchin, snail or eel!" Jim D, Victoria, BC

"What a trip through Japan’s incredible culture, cuisine and landscapes.. Our guides were fabulous - knowledgeable, attentive and passionate about their country." Patty P, Victoria, BC

"Thank you for making our pilgrimage to Japan so memorable. I really enjoyed discovering so many hidden places in this beautiful country. Our guides were outstanding." Susan L, Vernon, BC

"We explored some truly hidden places, with lots of great surprises along the way. The planning and scheduling were amazing, and our guides were truly first class. The sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Japan will live on in my memory." Roger L, Vernon BC

"Thank you for leading me to Buddha and Shinto deities in hidden places in Japan. Even a shoreline shrine seen from a kayak. And for everything in between – this was another memorable adventure with Hidden Places!!" Margaret S, Washington, DC

"The Japan trip and guides couldn't have been better! Add to that the perfect weather, paddling conditions, accommodations and delightful surprises and an unforgettable experience was the result." Gary V, Ewing, NJ