"I feel that we really experienced Burma authentically and thanks to you, Maria, it was seamless and pleasurable.Thank you so much for all the delightful events you so artfully created." Mahnez W, Palm Beach, FL

"Usually we just wing it. I was so glad we didn't on this trip as there was no way we could have had such a diverse experience each day. …..We will be back!" John W, Palm Beach, FL

"The trip was fun, educational and inspirational, and gave us a unique way of experiencing Burma. Nothing is ever ordinary on any of your trips and I love to see cultures and places through your sensitive eyes." Jane W, Squamish, BC

"It was great to have been so well taken care of, so our energy could all go to enjoying Burma. The variety and flexibility was superb. Every day was fun and different, and the Burmese people are a delight." Barb B, West Vancouver, BC