Walking Safari Kenya

Raising Funds for

Land Cost:
US $ 3950 (7-14 participants)
US $ 4250 (4-6 participants)

minimum US $1000 per participant
target: US $2500 per participant

Sep 17 – Sep 25, 2017

9 days

8 nights camping

Group Size:
14 max.

Nairobi, Kenya

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Walking Safari Kenya Walking Safari Kenya Walking Safari Kenya Walking Safari Kenya Walking Safari Kenya Walking Safari Kenya

100 Miles for Elephants

Fundraising Trek
A life-changing adventure to save the lives of elephants

National Geographic Traveler selected 100 Miles for Elephants as one of their ‘50 Tours of a Lifetime: 2013's most authentic, most innovative, most immersive, best–guided, and most sustainable tours’.

Are you adventurous, active, compassionate, and concerned about the challenges facing the world's most magnificent, intelligent and emotionally complex animals?
Do you long for a real adventure, far off–the–beaten track in one of the world’s most spectacular wilderness areas?
Would you go the extra mile to support a cause you believe in?
If your answer to all three questions is yes, then you are qualified to be one of the 14 participants on our 100 Miles for Elephants fundraising trek.

This 9–day trek will be an extraordinary expedition in support of a critical cause: fighting the elephant poaching crisis in Kenya. Every day, approximately 100 African elephants are being killed for their ivory – if the slaughter continues at this rate they will be close to extinction in 10 years. Kenya's Laikipia ecosystem hosts one of East Africa's largest free-ranging elephant populations and these majestic animals are increasingly the targets of poachers. But there is hope – local communities are desperately trying to protect the elephants, and we can help them! Funds raised on the 100 Miles for Elephants trek will provide wages, equipment and training for vitally needed scout teams in Laikipia. This once–in–a–lifetime adventure is a unique opportunity to connect with local people who share your love of elephants, and to do something extraordinary and meaningful in this diverse, vibrant and captivating part of the world.

Here’s how the adventure will unfold:

We meet in Nairobi and drive northwest of Mount Kenya to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Here we have lunch with members of Space for Giants who are spearheading a big anti–poaching initiative in Laikipia. We also meet the Rapid Response anti poaching team who our fund raising helps to support. Continuing on through increasingly wild country, we reach our first camp by the Ewaso Nyiro River – watch out for elephants along the way! Next morning, after a hearty breakfast, we head off on foot into the wilds! For seven days we walk with a camel caravan across the vast savannah. Accompanying us are guides from the Samburu tribe, who lead us through their traditional lands, where livestock mingle peacefully with herds of giraffes, antelopes, the endangered Grevy's zebra and elephants.

During the heat of the day we rest in the shade of acacia trees, and at night we gather around a campfire beneath the vast, star–studded African sky. Along the way our guides share stories about their lives and culture, and teach us their songs and the traditional leaping dance!

Each day of our trek, the Kirisia Hills grow bigger on the horizon, until finally we enter the shade of the mountain forest where Hidden Places is funding a community anti–poaching project. This is an enchanted place, a sanctuary for elephants, Cape buffalo, leopards and other megafauna, and is rarely visited by outsiders. Here we meet some of the anti poaching scouts and elders of the Kirisia Community Forest Association, learning first hand how our fundraising efforts help them to save elephants in this pristine habitat. After one night at a base camp in the forest, we say goodbye to our camels and our Samburu guides, and transfer by jeep back to Nairobi.

This trip will be lead by Dr. Dag Goering or Maria Coffey, the founders of Elephant Earth Initiative and Hidden Places Travel. Dag is a large animal vet and photographer and Maria is the award-winning author of 12 books.


We ask that by joining this trip you "go the extra mile" for elephants by launching your own fundraising and awareness campaign. 100% of donations will go to our partner organization Space for Giants for training, equipment and salaries for community anti-poaching scouts, the crucial and unsung heroes in the battle to protect elephants from poachers.

Each participant is asked to raise a minimum of $500, with a target of $2500. Recognizing that fundraising is daunting for many people, we will provide you with a how–to kit and simple tools and ideas that you can use to raise funds, such as asking your family and friends to sponsor you for each mile you cover.

Join us in fundraising and spreading the word about the threats to elephants: your help will make a huge difference and will never be forgotten by the local people you meet on this trek!


In January 2012, Dag Goering and Maria Coffey trekked over 150 miles with camels to the Kirisia Hills and back. They were greeted by members of the Kirisia Community Forestry Association, who are working year round to protect the forest and to combat the epidemic of elephant poaching in the area. Inspired by their courage and dedication, on returning home Dag and Maria embarked on a whistle–stop fundraising and media tour through BC, raising over $8000 to cover the first year’s stipends for 12 key Kirisia anti–poaching scouts. They then decided to run 100 Miles for Elephants treks, and to date team members have raised over $80,000. These scouts put their life on the line every day to keep poachers out of the area, and they also promote good stewardship of this amazing ecosystem among their communities. But funds are needed to provide support on an ongoing basis, to provide training and equipment for more scouts and to contribute to anti–poaching efforts across the Laikipia/Samburu area. Your participation in this transformational journey will ensure continuing protection for elephants in the region.

PREREQUISITES: Participants must be reasonably fit and able to walk up to 15 miles per day. The terrain on the first 5 days is relatively flat, however the ground can be rough as we will be not always be following trails. For the last 2 days we will be trekking in the Kirisia Hills on rough and occasionally steep trails. The altitude is about 4000 feet and the maximum daily temperatures range from 85° F during the day and 50° F at night.


Naikopi, the orphaned elephant adopted by Hidden Places.
Safari Extension: Elephant Reintroduction Camp.
Safari Extension: Rwanda Mountain Gorilla.

Adventure Travel has been our specialty since 1991 when we started to explore the world's most spectacular places as photographers and writers. Several years (and several books) later we began sharing our experiences with others by developing and leading adventure tours. We founded Hidden Places Travel in 2000 and quickly became renowned for our unique, off-the-beaten-track itineraries. Our support of local communities and conservation projects gives our trips unprecedented access and our loyal following of repeat guests is a testament to our professionalism and nurturing approach.

We invite you to join us on one of our life-changing adventures.

Dag Goering and Maria Coffey